Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hidden Parameter Value

Today we needed to view value of some hidden ('_') parameter. We did this using below query:

select x.indx + 1 NUM,
ksppinm NAME,
ksppity TYPE,
ksppstvl display_Value,
ksppstdf ISDEFAULT,
decode(bitand(ksppiflg / 256, 1), 1, 'TRUE', 'FALSE') ISSES_MODIFIABLE,
decode(bitand(ksppiflg / 65536, 3) ,1,'IMMEDIATE',2,'DEFERRED',3,'IMMEDIATE','FALSE') ISSYS_MODIFIABLE,
decode(bitand(ksppstvf, 7), 1, 'MODIFIED', 4, 'SYSTEM_MOD', 'FALSE') ISMODIFIED,
decode(bitand(ksppstvf, 2), 2, 'TRUE', 'FALSE') ISADJUSTED,
from x$ksppi x, x$ksppcv y
where (x.indx = y.indx);

These parameters can be altered using double quote (") as below:

ALTER SYSTEM SET "_tts_allow_nchar_mismatch"=false;

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