Thursday, July 14, 2011

Install Oracle Workflow Server on 11gR2 Database

We have just installed Oracle Workflow Server on 11gR2 Database using below steps:

1. Go to $ORACLE_HOME\owb\wf\install

2. run below script:
Linux: $ ./wfinstall.csh
Windows: wfinstall.bat

3. insert values as below on the form displayed with the above command:
Install Option : Server Only
Workflow Account : owf_mgr
Workflow Password : Specify a password for owf_mgr
SYS Password : Enter SYS password for the database on which we are installing Oracle Workflow.
TNS Connect Descriptor : Descriotion of TNS of Target Database
LDAP Parameters : [If needed]
Mailer Parameters : [If needed]
Tablespace : Default tablespace for worlflow server

4. Submit to start

5. After Successful installation a completion message will be displayed

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