Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Configure Sqoop for Netezza and Import table to Hive Metastore

Our scenario is a below:

- DWH: Netezza (IBM Puredata)
- Hadoop : Cloudera (CDH5.4) and we are using Cloudera Manager. 
- Hadoop Cluster configuration consideration: All the worker nodes are behind a private network. Can not be accessed with our edge/management nodes.
- Objective: Import data from Netezza to a Hive table.

I followed below steps to meet the objective. 
As pr our current stats, we are now able to migrate 700 GB data in 1 hour (using 4 channels or mappers).

1. Install netezza connectors:

1.1 Install netezza connector for sqoop following steps in link: http://cloudera.com/content/cloudera/en/documentation/connectors/latest/Netezza/Cloudera-Connector-for-Netezza/ccnt_topic_3.html

1.2 (for Oozie)download "sqoop-nz-connector-1.2c5.tar" from below link and upload sqoop-nz-connector-1.2c5.jar to HDFS: /user/oozie/share/lib/lib_/sqoop/

      1.3 sudo -su oozie hadoop fs -put /tmp/sqoop-nz-connector-1.2c5.jar /user/oozie/share/lib/lib_/sqoop/

2. In addition to above, 
2.1 Netezza JDBC driver directory /var/lib/sqoop should have below permissions:
  This directory should have set permission as (chmod 755  /var/lib/sqoop)
  full path up to the driver file /var/lib/sqoop/nzjdbc3.jar should be accessible by others (chmod 444 /var/lib/sqoop/nzjdbc3.jar)
2.2 (for Oozie)upload netezza jdbc driver to   HDFS: /user/oozie/share/lib/lib_/sqoop/
sudo -su oozie hadoop fs -put /var/lib/sqoop/nzjdbc3.jar /user/oozie/share/lib/lib_/sqoop/

2.3 restart oozie

3. Configure proxy on edge node/s to connect to netezza for data nodes. (in case your datanodes are in private network).
[sqoop will launches several map jobs on data nodes and data nodes connect directly to netezza]

3.1 install haproxy on the edge node/s
  yum install haproxy
3.2 Configure the proxy for netezza.
Append below in '/etc/haproxy/haproxy.cfg'. Here the proxy will listen to 25501 on the edge node/s and bypass the incoming connection to netezza host:port.

# Proxy For Netezza
listen netezza : 25501
    mode tcp
    option tcplog
    balance leastconn

    server netezza :

3.3 service haproxy restart

4. To import use below
*** the user should have create external table privilege on the target database on netezza

- use username in upper case
- use direct ( Each map task of Netezza connector’s import job works on a subset of the Netezza partitions and transparently creates and uses an external table to transport data)
- use "--P" for password prompt
- we can pass mapreduce params like "-D mapreduce.task.timeout=0" just after import/export command
: netezza host/IP or host/IP of the edge node running the proxy for netezza.
: netezza port(default 5480) or port listening for netezza in the edge node running the proxy for netezza.

4.1     to import data on a HDFS directory use below:
sqoop import  \
--direct \
--connect jdbc:netezza://:/ \
--table D_ACCOUNT \
--fields-terminated-by '|' \
--target-dir /user/etl/temp/ \
--username \
--password '' \
-- --nz-logdir /tmp/

4.2     to import data on Hive table use below (it will prompt for password as we used “--P”):
sqoop import  \
--connect jdbc:netezza://:25501/  \
--table .  \
--where   \
--target-dir ""  \
--username   \
--P \
--hive-import  \
--hive-table ""  \
--hive-overwrite  \
--delete-target-dir  \
--num-mappers 4  \
--verbose \
--direct  \
-- --nz-logdir   --nz-uploaddir

4.3     Then use hive to copy data from temp table(text or serial format) to final table(parquet + snappy) (select ..insert). Sqoop has some limitation to load data directly to a parquet table.


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